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The following items are all for sale; if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact me to commission one.

1. Replica of a Bucks County Rifle. The original was built by Andrew Verner circa 1780-1790, some think pre-revolution. This rifle is 50cal. with a 45 inch swamped barrel. (click to enlarge)  Price $10,000.00


2. This is a miniature (10inch) copy of the Andrew Verner rifle. Completely hand made and in a display case with a mirror bottom to the case so all sides can be seen. This display will be given as part of the purchase of the full size Verner at no additional cost or can be purchased separately for $2000.00. It has taken the same amount of time to make this little nightmare as it does to make a full size rifle. I reduced a photograph of the full size rifle to ten inches and then made every part to match the ones in the photograph so the entire rifle is just a miniature of the full size original. 


3. Pipe tomahawk; The head is hand forged from a rifle barrel. The head and mouth piece are a copy of an original. The turtle represents a totem of the Delaware Tribe and the wire inlay, leaves and flowers represents the tree of life they believed came from the back of the turtle. the silver is .999% pure silver.  Price $3,500.00

4. Spirit of 76. An Allentown-Bethlehem School style rifle.  This is a replica of what I feel is the most patriotic rifle ever built in this country. It was built at a time when patriotism was at a fever pitch. The original that this rifle is copied from was built in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, "The Cradle of Liberty" by Jacob Kuntz who was one of the finest gun builders our infant nation had. I have been referring to this rifle as "The Spirit of 76" as the patch-box has an American Eagle sitting on the head of a British Lion that has a collar around its neck and is pecking on the Lion's nose. The Lion's teeth and claws are old Ivory as well as the Eagle's beak and claws on the carving side of the rifle. The lock is "hand made" and is left in the white as is the barrel. The rifle is 50caliber with a 44inch swamped barrel. I have more information on this rifle and will be happy to advise those interested and will e-mail any requested photos of this rifle. Price of this rifle is $20,000.00



5. This is a reproduction of a York County School of the Kentucky Rifles. The original was built by George Schroyer. This rifle is a 50cal. with a 45 inch swamped Getz barrel. Price $10,000.00